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Georgia Inmate being Tested for Ebola

Added a new potential case in Cobb County, GA. An inmate recently traveled to Africa, and was charged with a DUI, has been developing a fever while in custody. Hopefully this is just a result of the legal circumstances he was facing, and not Ebola. More to come.   UPDATE 1:53PM MST: Cobb county inmate […]

New Unconfirmed Ebola Case in Washington D.C.

According to NBC Washington News there is a patient that is being treated at Howard University Hospital. The patient was confirmed late Friday morning and has been recently traveling to Nigeria, an affected region. Patient is in stable condition and currently being isolated. According to a hospital spokesperson: “In an abundance of caution, we have […]

What is a Pandemic?

A pandemic is defined as a disease that occurs over a wide geographic area and affects a high proportion of the population. Though, Ebola is not yet considered a pandemic, it is showing all the signs and symptoms of becoming one. The Ebola Pandemic The reason we refer to Ebola as a pandemic currently is […]

Ebola Symptoms

Symptoms of Ebola From Mayo Clinic Signs and Ebola symptoms typically begin abruptly within five to 10 days of infection with Ebola or Marburg virus. Early signs and symptoms include: Fever Severe headache Joint and muscle aches Chills Weakness Hiccups Over time, symptoms become increasingly severe and may include: Nausea and vomiting Diarrhea (may be […]