The Ebola Conspiracy

Below is a full account of the Ebola Conspiracy happening today. This is entitled “Is Everything Under Control?”. Please share this and get the word out. Written by x534nx (THANK YOU!)


  Is Everything Under Control?

 Part 1


  Forward:  A Brief Overview of Some Basic Knowledge Shared by Conspiracy Theorists, Freedom Fighters, Truth Seekers and others deemed insane:



The internet contains a lot of information.  There are sites (like this one:

that would like us to believe that the world is being controlled by (insert name of suspected Global Tyrant here.  Common names range from Aliens to the Illuminati to Mickey Mouse)

to enslave humanity and obtain total world domination.


…well, one thing IS certain:  If you were to walk around passing out flyers and or rambling to people about those kinds of things, you would quickly find yourself wearing a straight jacket and locked in a rubber padded room.


Unfortunately, in a nutshell, the truth IS that the world is being run by less than 1% of the entire human* population.

Throughout the ages ”they” have been referred to by many names, including but not limited to:

Satanists, International Bankers, The Masonic Order (and or the Masons), The Illuminati, The Nephilim*, The Shadow Government, etc.

Regardless of name, their agenda is to obtain complete and total world domination, in every sense, including finance and even THOUGHT.


(Orson Wells wrote a book called 1984 which was later adapted into a movie.  It portrays a gruesome future of the world where this control has come into fruition.

…While there are many conspiracies ( ) out there in internet land, I hope that I can provide you with educational information that is (mostly) devoid of opinion and

that is presented in a factual manner with references for you to explore for yourself.


 A Glimpse Below The Surface

 Thought control?

The concept of being able to control the thoughts of a human being are terrifying.

The CIA’s MK Ultra projects ( is often one of the first things that seekers of the truth will learn about.  While those experiments (largely what the Bourne movies were based upon) were tragic to the soldiers/civilians who were victimized by these (and other) projects, collectively they constituted a small majority of the population.


In sharp contrast, when we look at the ENTIRE population of North Korea and examine the AVERAGE individual mindset of both militant and civilian North Korean ( we realize that human thought control isn’t something from a science fiction novel or a thing that could happen many many years in the future… rather it IS something that IS happening right now on a large scale

to millions and millions of defenseless human beings.


One of the primary tools used to control the mind of a human being is fear.


In North Korea, if a North Korean citizen is caught attempting to leave North Korea, not only do THEY face execution (followed by a slow, methodical torture), but their ENTIRE FAMILY will also face torture and murder.


Children included.

Included in this list of the elite minority, those in control, include the  Rothschilds (, the Rockerfellers ( and the Morgans, to name a few.


If you have never heard of the Bilderberg Group ( I encourage you to learn about them also.


The greed of these people is… megalomaniacal.  Their roles throughout history have been hidden from the public for the same reasons that great kings witheld information from their serfs;  a people devoid of knowledge, of truth, are an easy people to control.


(Just one example is The American Civil War.  Today most people know it had something to do with slavery, and cotton, and the guy on the penny.

Here are some facts which were intentionally omitted from the pages of history as taught by our public education systems (the reason that an income tax and a property tax came into inception)



You may or may not already know about the Federal Reserve Banking system of America.  The United States Federal Reserve is NOT a part of the government, although it’s deceptive name would indicate otherwise.

This bank has established itself as the sole creditor/bank of this country.  …For every dollar that they print us they charge us interest.  The way that this works is if I loan you $100 and charge you 6% interest, then you

will end up owing me $106.  As long as you have another means to obtain that additional $6 then you will be able to settle your debt.  …The United States uses the Federal Income Tax of its people to try to offset the debt they owe the Federal Reserve, and because of this vicious cycle of borrowing money to pay off money that we borrowed to pay off debt we will NEVER get out of debt.  Consequently inflation goes up, salaries remain stagnant and the even compared to a mere decade ago we as a people have less and less purchasing power.  The Federal Reserve (the very people who caused the Great Depression

have the power to hold meetings which concern raising or lowering the interest rate.. held behind closed doors.


For the first time in history our government is attempting to audit the Federal Reserve Bank (


It seems that this also coincides with the current time that the US dollar is in big trouble (  —>Side note:  One of the comments a reader of this article left ( I found to be of quite disturbing; this is the power that these people have, and most of us are completely clueless on just how far the reach of this power extends.







EVERYTHING you see on television, all media channels, and in fact all radio channels are owned and operated by zionist companies, being manipulated by both the CIA and influenced heavily by the international bankers (Rothschilds, Rockerfellers, etc). (

Please read page 373, section VI. CONCLUSION from this Harvard written by Andrei Sheifer

(There are some exceptions to non Jewish owned media conglomerates, such as Ted Turner (,

however his support of ICLEI and UN Ag21 can be clearly seen here ( ).

Not only do we live in a world where people take the word of the Anchorman to be truth, but most of us do so unquestioningly.

(this is just one example of media manipulation as you will see in this video by CNN, and the following part which CNN does NOT want you to see:

( n )

(As the character the Merovingian stated in the movie The Matrix: Reloaded, ”The only power we have is WHY”… because those whom use this question empower themselves

with truth and the pursuit of truth (as ugly as it may currently be).

In the land of opportunity/capitalism, it really isn’t that far fetched to acknowledge that there is a duality of what reality is.  On one hand, (on the stage of this reality) there is the ”manufactured reality”, a perpetual commercial full of Starbucks, Meijers, Fords, iPhones, Home Depots, Holidays education and even spiritualism designed to glorify the true god of not just America but the world:  the almighty dollar.  Without this dollar we can not survive, and devoid of its purchasing power we would not be able to afford the cool shoes, the in style clothes, technology, vehicles and in other words we would not be able to ”following the joneses”.  Without currency we would not be able to have electricity, heat, water or food.

We have been conditioned to believe that, as you said to me, and as I have also said at one time, ”THERE IS NOTHING WE CAN DO ABOUT IT ANYWAYS”.

From the day we are born we are conditioned to receive a government approved and government outlined education, (”I pledge allegiance to the flag….”), so that we can get a job, make things, buy things, or fix things.

In the other reality, (which is of course the same ”reality” as the first one I described.  …but behind the curtain) I will use the analogy of an old watch or clock to describe there what I mean by there being a dual reality; many people look at an old watch or a clock and will be able to tell what time it is based on the appearance of the face of the clock or watch by the position of the hour and minute hand.  In a sense, this could be considered reality #1.   Beyond the face of the the clock or watch there are intricate mechanical parts working together to make viewing the time possible.  In a sense, this could be considered reality #2.  Those of us who wake up, go to work, pay our taxes, shop at stores and conduct our affairs quietly and in an orderly fashion without asking too many dangerous questions (the most dangerous of all being ”why?”) are doing exactly what those in power wish us to do: accept our slavery and wave our made-in-china American flags.

Once there was a group of weird looking men who wore tight spandex and wigs (no, not Van Halen) who got tired of their king’s abuse of power.

These guys (ps spandex=lmao hahaha)  traveled across an ocean and established their OWN country.

They threw a bunch of English Tea overboard, and those great men said ”GIVE ME LIBERTY OR GIVE ME DEATH”.

These men created our Constitution and our Bill of Rights.

These men knew that if they failed that they would most certainly face torture and or death, and it is BECAUSE of their courage, and their belief in an idea

that this country was created.

We live in scary times.

I know it appears that there is nothing that we can do about it.  It is easy to just go with the flow, order our fast food, remodel our houses, and not ask any questions.

…I also know that evil exists when good men fail to act.

Knowledge is power, and proper preparation prevents poor performance.

 The Ebola Conspiracy Agenda


  Whether it is earned, inherited, or found in a suitcase behind a dumpster in Southwest Detroit, some people have ALOT of money laying around.

Theres all kinds of things you can do with money.  You can donate it to charity.  You can spend it on booze and whores.  If you are a Rockerfeller, you could create the world’s first Biomedical science university (

Or you can make this thing:

The Georgia Guidestones is our modern day rosetta stone (, but with a nice big happy apocalyptic twist.

Each side contains the same message, written in the 8 most popular languages on earth.

Notice where it says ”Maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature.”

(the inventor of this monolithic hallmark greeting card is only known as R.C. Christian, and it has been speculated that the Rosicrucians, a secret society, are the true creators of the stones )


Earlier I had mentioned the UN Agenda 21 concerning population control, and the ICLEI.

Here is the UN’s agenda

Here is the wikipage on ICLEI

and the ICLEI official page

ICLEI in America

oh and hooray Michigan!


It was sometime in late July/early August that I started to connect the (paranoid?) dots which prompted me to take action and purchase protective gear for us.

Before it even came into the United States I expressed my concern and purchased protective gear. The following day I had a doctor’s appointment and warned my primary care physician… who assured me that ”Ebola is not going to come into this country”. I heard the same thing day after day after day, the President and the CDC and the news propaganda machine anchors assuring us all that ”Ebola will NEVER enter the United States, ”even if the Ebola Virus DID enter the United States, OUR HEALTHCARE SYSTEMS ARE SUPERIOR

TO THOSE FOUND IN THE (vastly inferior, unsanitary and otherwise extremely challenging environments of the) OUTBREAK ZONES LOCATED IN AFRICA”.


I got into DEBATES with people who told me ”BUT IT ISN’T AIRBORN!” …because the TV told them it wasn’t.




Reality Check:   This is how much our government gives a shit about us:

 US Patent on Ebola Virus ( 

To date there have been a total of 5 different strains of Ebola, each being named after the geographic location from where it was discovered.

Ebola Raston ( should be of particular interest to you as this strain was discovered in Raston VIRGINIA.

Do you remember the huge media coverage that kept us up to date minute by minute as the events of this AIRBORNE strain developed?

Neither do I.  …because there WASN’T a media coverage.  (Upon importing the (crab eating macaque / cynomolgus) monkeys from the Philipines into Raston Virginia, it was observed that these primates were mysteriously dying.  The manner in which these macaque were contained made it impossible

for them to infect each other via touch or bodily fluids, which indicated an airborne transmission of (the at the time unknown) a virus.  ..The entire facility was quarantined, the incident went unnoticed by the media and the containment and sterilization of the facility was a success; though the Ebola Reston (formerly

known as Reston Virus) IS and airborne strain of Ebola, it is the ONLY strain which does not cause sickness in humans.


Ebola Zaire is (or was until this year, 2014) the most lethal form of this Filoviridae Ebola Virus, having a mortality rate (depending on which source you research)

of as low as 50% ( <——-don’t be fooled; 50% if a terrifyingly high number!

—> Imagine if you took your car to a mechanic for an oil change, and right before they opened the hood to your vehicle they handed you a sign which read “Dear Customer, 50% of the time our oil changes work!  The other 50% of the time they don’t work, and, um, like, your engine, will like, seize up and … you know, become useless, and stuff”.

—>…How about a daycare with a sign that reads

”ATTENTION PARENTS: We at Happy Palace Daycare will make sure your children are safe and supervised —50% of the time!”

and as high as 90%.

Out of 100 people infected, the best case scenario is that 50 people will survive.  The worst case scenario is that a mere TEN people will make it.

 Don’t Worry; Everything is Under Control

 Part 2.



     By now you have probably heard of the acronym GMO when used to describe fruits, vegetables, and even meat or dairy.  GMO means Gentically Modified Organism.

If this is the first time you are reading about a company called Monsanto, please take a moment to read their Wikipedia page:  ( )

Monsanto is the company who invented a product called ROUNDUP, (a glyphosphate inhibitor for plants which acts as a non selective systemic broadleaf herbicide).  Some of their newest strains of organisms

include plants which are resistant to Roundup.  Their research and development departments have successfully been able to isolate the genetic material from one organism and introduce it into another.  Often times

these genes do come from plants, but as you will soon learn this is not always the case.

—>I observed that sitting on the board of governance for the Monsanto Corporation (this information is located towards the bottom of Monsanto’s Wikipedia page) is Robert J Stevens, the executive chairman of the board for Lockheed Martin Corporation. (

Lockheed Martin is one of the world’s largest defense contractors, especially in the United States.  In this list of the top 100 United States contractors for the fiscal year 2010, Lockheed Martin ranks position number one. ( ).


Question:  Why is the executive chairman of the one of the world’s leading defense contractors also sitting on the board of governance for the   Monsanto Corporation? 



     If our government holds the exclusive patent on the Ebola Virus, ( )  its a safe bet that they hold the patent to the vaccine, too.

( **see below )

(and some other cellular/chromosomal/genetics research being done


Some speculate that this virus was weaponized and unleashed by the United States ( )

( )  ———————>you may need to use google translate if this reads in russian…


A virus is technically not a living organism.  It is a protein, and this protein is either active or inactive. These viral proteins contain RNA (rhibonucleic acid; this is a special algorithm or code the virus inserts into a host cell, thereby ”hacking it”.  Once the cell has been hacked, it then becomes a virus making factory.  This process continues until 1.  The immunity system of an infected person destroys the virus or 2. The person infected dies.

Ebola (like many others viruses) are known to be ssRNA, indicating that they have a Single Strand of RNA that they use to ”hack” the host cells they prey upon.

One of the companies that has been working on a ”vaccine” for Ebola is a pharmaceutical company called Alnylam Pharmaceutical.

(**where I typed ”see below”. that would be here:  same link

Of particular interest is the company’s newly developed RNAi, or RNA interference, ”RNAi (RNA interference) is a revolution in biology, representing a breakthrough in understanding how genes are turned on and off in cells, and a completely new approach to drug discovery and development. RNAi is a natural process of gene silencing that occurs in organisms ranging from plants to mammals. By harnessing the natural biological process of RNAi occurring in our cells, the creation of a major new class of medicines, known as RNAi therapeutics, is on the horizon.”

I quoted that from the same page that announced the MERGER OF MONSANTO AND ALNYLAM PHARMACEUTICAL Aug 28, 2012 !! ( )

Another company that has been working on a vaccine/cure for the Ebola virus using the same RNAi technological approach that the (now merged with Monsanto Corporation) Anlylam Pharmaceutical has been developing just received a $1.5 million dollar investment from the Monsanto Corporation.

”It should also be reported that Tekmira attained a contract with the U.S. military for Ebola treatment drugs worth $140 million. Though this partnership, TKM-Ebola, an anti-Ebola virus RNAi therapeutic, is being developed from the U.S. Department of Defense’s Medical Countermeasure Systems BioDefense Therapeutics”




Wait.. what about ZMAPP?

  Yes, ZMapp ( ) is another treatment currently under development as an Ebola Virus treatment.

”ZMapp is composed of three monoclonal antibodies (mAbs) that have been humanized by genetic engineering.[7] The components are humanized monoclonal antibody c13C6 from a previously-existing antibody cocktail called “MB-003” and two humanized mAbs from a different antibody cocktail called ZMab, c2G4 and c4G7.[2]

ZMapp is manufactured in the tobacco plant Nicotiana benthamiana in the bioproduction process known as “pharming” by Kentucky BioProcessing, a subsidiary of Reynolds American.”


PS  Does the name Reynolds America sound familiar?  How about RJ Reynolds?  ( )

(Reynolds recently made the 5 COMPANIES WITH NO REGARD TO HUMAN LIFE list!  (


The missing link? Connecting Monsanto and big tobacco.


(um here——>)

(and here————>)

…even oh yeah more Monsanto corruption, and Stanford University too! right here!———>

and this one too.  Go on, you know you want to click it—————>

and here too ———>

(this one has something to do with the Monsanto foamed polyolefin cigarette filters (



  We live in a highly complex society, one rich with problems, one simultaneously rich with solutions.

There are a bunch of wealthy bastards/crooked politicians/evil nazi scientists who may or may not be engineering viruses ( ) designed

to kill us all.

Or, they may be engineering viruses to make us BUY their vaccines (the very vaccines that soon may be genetically spliced into the very FOOD we eat, i.e. Monsanto)


I know that these are pretty scary times.  I have never been a person who had any interest in politics yet I now see just how important it is to be knowledgeable of such things like laws, political agendas,

and paying attention to the actions of the (puppets) we vote into office.

Im not sure if its too late.  Id like to believe that it is not.  I do know that we both have people in our lives that we both love very dearly.

I think that the best course of action currently is to stay on top/ahead of the situation at hand instead of trying to play catch up.

Basic things like stocking water, food, hand sanitizer, staying 3 feet away from everyone, buying disinfectant, any and all precautions that can be taken NOW

is much better than resolving to do nothing. It makes me extremely angry that our own government would risk the very lives of its citizens by keeping the international airports open to countries affected by this virus, and it makes me furious to think about something bad happening to a loved one due to the negligence and or agendas of others.


The question remains:  What can anyone do? Spread the word.  Forward this to someone. Share it on Facebook, Twitter and everywhere else.


The Ebola Virus has been designated by the CDC as a Biosafety Level 4 Agent.  ( )

”This level is required for work with dangerous and exotic agents that pose a high individual risk of aerosol-transmitted laboratory infections, agents which cause severe to fatal disease in humans for which vaccines or other treatments are not available, such as Bolivian and Argentine hemorrhagic fevers, Marburg virus, Ebola virus, Lassa virus, Crimean-Congo hemorrhagic fever, and various other hemorrhagic diseases.”


If you go to ( )  and scroll down to the Biosafety Level 4 section, that should indicate what precautions you need to take.


*Prevent the spread of viruses by practicing good hygiene and by using Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)


———>What is more important to you, embarrassment or life?  It may seem embarrassing to wear personal protective equipment in public, but it IS the difference between life and death.  If you don’t care about

yourself please do NOT be a dipshit and spread this virus to other people who DO value their lives… we appreciate the courtesy.  HEALTHCARE WORKERS:  THIS MEANS YOU TOO!


THE CORRECT Sequence for Donning and Removing Personal Protective Equipment can be found by watching this video:


*Protect yourself by wearing n95 rated respirators, latex gloves and safety glasses

in public, or better yet, avoid public places altogether.

*Stay 3 feet away from everyone at all times.

*hand sanitizer

*disinfectant spray


The Ebola Virus has demonstrated the ability to survive in DRIED body fluid for up to 5 months at 32 degrees F (freezing)!

… If someone infected with Ebola is congagious and they sneeze on the oranges or touch the boxes of cereal at the grocery store, the next person who handles those products will likely be dead in 28 days.

*Disinfect your grocery carts:  Use sanitizer to wipe the shopping cart’s handle, the interior of the cart as well as the exterior of the cart.

*Disinfect your products:   Treat the items you buy from the store as contaminated.  This will increase your chances of survival.

Spray ALL store bought items with sanitizer before they enter your car.  Spray them once they are IN your car.  Spray them a third time once they are in your home.  Then go back out to your car and spray your car.   Spray the door handles, the inside of the trunk/cargo area, the outside of the trunk/cargo area (where you would most likely place your hand to open the trunk/cargo area), the steering wheel, seats, turn signal, floor mats, door panels, window levers, radio buttons, and the vehicle’s ceiling too.

*Disinfect doorknobs, cabinet handles, the perimeter of windows and doors, keyboards, mobile devices, toilet seats and handles, faucet handles, sinks, bathtubs and shower areas, tabletops, chairs, refrigerator handles, stove knobs and oven handles, appliances including coffeemakers, light switches, and anything else that is regularly touched by human hands.


Lastly, just like the movie 28 days later, this virus can go undetected in an infected person for up to 21 days.  If you don’t see any NEW reports of individuals being infected with Ebola for 28 days then and only then will things start to look promising.  Keep in mind that this virus is still a hazard to humanity for up to 5 months once it has dried and even if it is frozen.  For safe measure, if an entire year goes by and no new cases are being reported/observed then its a safe bet that the virus pandemic has been contained.  ..if you find yourself at ”day 15” and discover a NEW report of an infected individual in your country, reset your calendar to day zero.

*Support your militia.  Every state has an organized citizens militia.  When the government breaks down, they will be the people you will be turning to.

*A popular american cable channel has a television show entirely dedicated to people who prepare for disasters.  The show collectively does offer useful information and insight on the subject of survival (though many of the individuals on the show do demonstrate eccentricity)

..DO do things like stockpiling water, salt, beans, rice, ”just add water” foods, sugar, flour, and anything else that will help you survive.

The truth can not be disputed and gives credibility to those of us whom are wise enough to use it.


Thank you to j450n for providing us with this

LIVE UP TO DATE Ebola Outbreak Map found here:



Human Being


Apologies if this information was written in a manner which sounds eccentric or annoying.  I am not a professional author and conducted this research myself.

I hope that those whom took the time to read this composition will find the information provided useful and educational.  If there are any inaccuracies found within this composition

please email me so I may make the appropriate changes to provide the most accurate information possible.


PS  A personal message from the x534nx:

My inspiration comes from the following, in no specific order.


Bruce Lee-  for teaching us to be flexible, to be adaptive, like water.

Martin Luther King, for teaching us the strength in remaining peaceful, in numbers and in unity.  For sharing your dream, and teaching us the importance of following them.

Stephen Hawking, for teaching us that WE can accomplish ANYTHING we put our minds to.

The Wachowskis, for showing us the existence of the door and choice between red and blue pills, and for teaching us that WE ARE STILL HERE!!!

[:SITD:]’s Remix of Rotersand’s song Electronic World Transmission, for teaching ME bravery



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