Ebola Virus Disease Electron Micrograph

President George W. Bush Visits Nurse Who Beat Ebola

Former President George W. Bush swung by the Dallas hospital where an Ebola patient died and two nurses were infected to congratulate a nurse who survived and voice his support for the criticized facility. Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital encountered a “tough period,” Bush said Friday, but called it “a really important institution for our city.”

Bush gave a kiss to Amber Vinson, one of two hospital nurses who contracted the deadly disease while treating a patient but later recovered. Bush told Vinson, who was declared Ebola-free on Oct. 28.

Friday at 12 a.m. marked 21 days since anyone in Texas contracted Ebola or had contact with any of the three Ebola patients, meaning the state is currently not at risk of an Ebola outbreak, stemming from the original patient.

“It’s been a tough period for Dallas,” Bush said. “It’s been a tough period for this hospital and the people who work here,” he said, expressing gratitude to the workers. Bush said he had received care at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital, adding that it is “a really important institution for our city.”

“I guess it’s hard to say I loved my time here. But let me put it this way, if I had to be somewhere, I’m thrilled it was here,” Bush said. Vinson embraced Bush and told him she was feeling “good.”

First published November 7 2014, 6:03 PM