Ebola Virus Disease Electron Micrograph

U.N. health worker flown to France for Ebola treatment

(Reuters) – A United Nations health worker suffering from Ebola has been flown to France from Sierra Leone for treatment, the French health ministry said in a statement overnight.


The UN worker, whose name and nationality have not been disclosed, was transported to France aboard a specially equipped jet and placed in isolation at the Begin military hospital in the eastern Paris suburb of Saint-Mandé, the statement said.


The UN worker is the second Ebola sufferer to have received treatment in France since the start of the epidemic ravaging West Africa. A French nurse repatriated in September has since made a full recovery from the virus, which has killed almost 5,000 people.

The worker is being treated at the request of the World Health Organization, the ministry said, adding that there were currently no other confirmed Ebola cases in France.


(Reporting by Laurence Frost; editing by Jane Baird)