What is a Pandemic?

A pandemic is defined as a disease that occurs over a wide geographic area and affects a high proportion of the population. Though, Ebola is not yet considered a pandemic, it is showing all the signs and symptoms of becoming one.

The Ebola Pandemic

The reason we refer to Ebola as a pandemic currently is simply because it is now in 2 continents. That is a very significant leap from before. The United States has it’s first case of Ebola with potentially hundreds more exposed. We are in the midst of a crisis. Though, we have more infrastructure to handle Ebola while it is small and contained, the moment its genetics mutate, or it spreads to the rest of the population, our infrastructure will be completely overwhelmed.

Preparedness starts with knowledge. You are now aware of this pandemic and understand its potential implications. We will be continuously monitoring its spread and updating you on new potential Ebola threats as they come.

The best thing you can do now is prepare.